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 Francesco Valentino

Francesco Valentino's keen sense of style and colour stem from his diverse international background. A native of the Dominican Republic. Raised in New York and Italy. His colour palette is infused with bold, stylized images that convey a narrative of strength and vulnerability. Duality and contrast are key themes in his work, as in his life where he divides his time between Western and Eastern hemispheres. Francesco Valentino has been dedicated to photography and film commercial, and also script writing with passion and a tremendous focus on challenging his creativity and exploring new forms of art. A perfectionist with a charismatic personality and spiritual sensibility to beauty and fashion, Francesco's ability to deliver clean unique perspectives has earned him a reputation as a cutting edge photographer and film production with a distinctive style. He is an expert in both digital and traditional media and adept at handling assignments from concept to completion. Other creative pursuits include a movie in development based on a true event.

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